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What would happen if lava drops fall on human skin

Lava and volcanic eruptions Scientific-Xplosion
[ Lava defination - lava is a molten form of rock or liquid form of rock, which come outside by mountain opening ]
If two snowflakes fall in your skin, you will not even feel them. If rather than individual snowflakes, hot ash from a fireplace accidentally falls on you, a little hole will appear on your clothes and perhaps you'll feel a small scratch if you mistakenly spill hot tea on yourself. 
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You'll experience burning pain and obtain burned. But what is going to happen if a few of drops of lava, which is many times hotter than boiled water, fall on? 
[ lava flow ]  [ lava stone ]  [ lava rock ]
[ lava formation ]  [ lava rocks formation ]
lets say that you're now near a volcano that's close to erupt and Pompeii's examples should suggest it'll be extremely popular . Soon you will hav…

Newton's three body problem - explained

Three body problem
Article start here(1)In 2009, two researchers ran a simple experiment. They took everything we know about our solar system and calculated where every planet would be upto 5 billion years in the future. All science related articles  To do so they ran over 2,000 + numerical simulations with the same exact initial conditions( conditions that were present at that time ), except for one difference: the distance between planet Mercury and the Sun, modified by less than a millimeter from one simulation to the next. 
Problem(2)Shockingly, in about only 1 % of their simulations, Mercury’s orbit changed so drastically that it could fall into the Sun or could collide with Venus. Worse yet, in one simulation it destabilized in the entire inner solar system. 

This was not an error; the very surprising variety in results reveals the truth, about our solar system, that our solar system may be much less stable than it seems. Astrophysicists refer to this astonishing or surprising proper…

What's meiosis and what's its significance

Have you ever wondered why you were different from your siblings? The answer lies within the amazing process of meiosis..All science related articles  What is meiosis? Meiosis is a process where one single cell divides two times to produce four cells which containg half the original amount of genetic information. These cells are sex cells, sperm in males and egg in females. In meiosis, one cell divides two times to form four daughter cells. These four daughters cells only have half the number of chromosomes than the parent cell. 
Splecialised kind of cell division that reduces the chromosomes number by half. Hence it's called reductional division.It occur during gametogenesis in plants and animals.It results in 4 haploid cells.Interphase occur prior to meiosis which is similar to interphase of mitosis except the S phase is prolonged.Meiosis takes place in 2 stages.  Meiosis Meiosis is divided into two partsMeiosis 1Meiosis 2
- Now, let's learn more about meiosis 
1. Meiosis …

What if you owned a time machine

Time machine travel
Imagine, being able to travel to any point in time, where would you go and what would you do? You could witness some of the greatest moments in history or even change history.You could travel into the future or you could even do anything. This is what if and here's what would happen if you owned a time machine.
So how could we travel through time? Well, no one has figured this out yet, but physicists have a couple of theories about how we might do this. It can involve us either traveling at the speed of light, jumping through a black hole or some other crazy method. And yes, though it is theoretically impossible to travel back in time, let's just say we can do it anyway. 

Let's imagine Oh, and also we won't be jumping through any black holes. Instead, we're giving you a magical pocket time machine that can take you to any point in time. So what's your first stop? 
Travel - 1Naturally, you'd probably want to go to some of the most critical mom…

How far human can go in universe

Humanity and the space travel 

Paragraph 1Is there a border we will never cross? Are there places we will never visit or reach , no matter how we study it and how hard we try ? Turns out there are. Even with today's science fiction technology or today's technology we are trapped in a pocket of the universe. How can that be? And how far can we go?  All science related articles  We live in a quiet arm of the Milky Way a spiral galaxy of average size about one hundred thousand light years across, consisting of billions of stars, gas clouds, dark matter, black holes, neutron stars, and planets, with a supermassive black hole in the galactic centre.  [ space travel , space travel future ]
From a far, our galaxy seems dense, but in reality it consists mostly of empty space With our current technology, sending a human to the closest star will take thousands of years So our galaxy is pretty big.

Paragraph 2The Milky Way is not alone, though. Along with the Andromeda galaxy and more than fif…

3 Best JBL headphones in india

JBL headphones Welcome to Scientific Xplosion. Today we will talk about JBL headphones. Today in this blog we will discuss about poket-friendly and best JBL headphones. JBL is well known for its extraordinary accessories and it's services.In this article I listed 3 JBL headphones which are excellent in sound quality and in range of 1500 - 3800 rupees.
JBL Infinity
The first headphone model name is JBL INFINITY and have a price range that ranges between 1500 to 2200 or above it. Lets talk about the design and build quality, the headphones look very good. You will proper cushioning on the headband, frame is made up of metal, so it's durable.
In addition, the ear pads which also have proper cushioning, itwill provide comfort to ears so it's also very good. You can adjust ear cup size according to your requirement.
This is headphone is completely wireless.
So the overall quality is Decent. Looks are also good. They gave a branding on the year cups, this is a big logo, so maybe some…

What is intelligence | explained

What is intelligence 
Introduction to intelligence Humans are proud of a lot of things, from particle accelerators to poetry to pokemons, all of them made possible because of something humans value extremely high intelligence.We think of intelligence as a trait like height or strength.But when we tried to define this, things get fuzzy. [ intelligence definition ]
Intelligence is a mechanism to solve problems, especially the problem of staying alive, which involves finding food and shelter, fighting competitors, finding a partner or fleeing from predators.  [ intelligence process automation ]
Intelligence is not a single thing. It includes the ability to - gather knowledge, to learn, be creative, form strategies, or engage in critical thinking.  All science related articles It manifests itself in a huge variety of behaviors from hard wired or instinct like reactions to different degrees of learning to some sort of awareness. 

Important points  But not all scientists agree where it begins or w…

What if we blast all nuclear bombs at once ?

All nuclear bombs

What's in this article What if we made a big pile of bombs and exploded every nuclear weaponin the world all at once? Strangely enough, we couldn't find a good source to answer this question to our satisfaction. So, we gathered together a few knowledge and calculate what would happen.  All science related articles You should know Currently, there are 15,000 nuclear weapons on Earth. The US and Russia both have around 7,000, while France, China, the UK,Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea own around 1,000 between them. But, how much destructive power is this really? Let's try to put these numbers into perspective.  All mythology related articles On Earth, there are about 4,500 cities or urban areas with at least 100,000 inhabitants. Some are bigger than others,so we'll assume that on average, we need three nuclear bombs to completely wipe out one city. This means we could destroy every single city on planet Earth, with our nuclear weapon, killing more t…