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Strange similarities between Greek and Indian mythology. Greek and Indian mythology are two of the oldest mythologies known to man, although both of these mythologies have no established connection with each other. Yet they share some striking similarities. Here are some interesting things that you will find common in both these mythologies. 

1. Zeus and Indra

God Indra , god zeus and hindu mythology and greek mythology

Indra in Indian and Zeus in Greek mythology  are strikingly similar pair of gods. While zeus, is the ruler of an Olympian gods enjoy as the king of all gods, Zeus is treated as the God of Sky and has control over weather phenomenon related to sky and the air like, storms, tempus, darkness, thunders, lightning and rain. 

Indra is also known as God of rain, region of the heavens, Guardian of the East, ruler of cloud and skies. Another conspicuous similarity is their weapons. Zeus has a thunderbolt as his weapon and Indra has Vajra as his weapon, which has the same power of Thunderbolt. Zeus has known for siring a lot of heroes from different mortal women. And also with different goddesses. And for that reason, his wife Hera is jealous of him.

Similarly, Indra is also known for his virility and has been unfaithful to his wife on several occasions. They both have their dwelling above mountains - Mount Olympus for the Lord Zeus and Swarg above Mount Meru for Lord Indra.

Zeus Parents are also Kronos sent Rhea like Poseidon, while Indras parents are Kashyap and aditi like Varuna.Their parents can also be directly compared between the mythologies, hence making the evidence of parallelisms stronger. 
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2. Holy Trinity 

Brahma vishnu mahesh tridev trinity greek gods hindu gods

The presence of a kind of the Holy Trinity, can be found in Greek and Indian mythology. In spite of all the other gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, where are considered to the three most important gods, in hindu mythology. 
Same way in the Greek mythology. You have Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, who respectively ruled the heavens, the underworld and the seas. They are considered as the three most important gods, according to the Greek mythology 
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3. Hermes and Narada 

Hermes Narada hindu gods Greek gods

Next in our comparison are the two gods who are so much alike. Like many believe that they can even be the same person, i mean, same God Though Hermes is attributed with many departments to control. But he is commonly known as the God of messengers, travels, mischiefs and thieves. Hermes is known to travel distant places in quick times and show up almost anywhere. He often plays tricks on others, either for his own entertainment or as part of a bigger plan, which in the help humanity. Hermes is also said to have invented astronomy and music, amongst other skills. Also, there is a famous story according to which Hermes invented a string instrument called Lyr to quench Apollo's anger. 

When we take a look at Narada from Indian mythology, he is not much different from Hermes. In Indian mythology, Narada is considered as the first Indian postman journalist messenger. He could never contain secrets. Thus is known to spread news from one place to another. Like Hermes, he also plays tricks on others, triggering a bigger event, making his role significant in a great many Indian stories. Also, he is known to travel real fast and show up almost anywhere in a manner similar to Hermes. Narada was proficient in music and invented musical instrument called Vina. He was also a singer. 
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4. Apollo and Surya 

God Apollo and surya dev and greek gods and hindu gods

Apollo as the God of Sun, light, music and prophesies. Although the title of God of Sun is also shared by Helios in Greek mythology. But some believes that Helios and Apollo are same, while others believe them to be different. And since Helios was a titan, the title of God of Sun passed to Apollo after Titans defeat. Both Apollo and Helios are often associated with a flying golden chariot, which is driven by steeds.

In Indian mythology, God of Sun is known as Surya. Surya is also known by other names like Aditya or Bhanu etc. in a manner similar to the Helios or Apollo. Surya is also known to ride a flying chariot with seven horses, since Surya is not associated with music or prophesies like Apollo. It would be safer to compare Surya with Helios than Apollo, who is the Titan God of Sun.
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5. Athena and Saraswati

Goddess Athena and devi saraswati hinhu goddess and greek goddess

Athena is the Greek goddess of Wisdom, Skills, War, Arts, Industry and Justice etc. 
Saraswathi, on the other hand, is the Indian goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, music and arts.Or Athena is often seen with her companion Owl on the other hand  Saraswati is seen with a Swan or Peacock. Interesting point to note about both the goddess is their mode of birth Athena sprang out fully grown in full body armor when, Haphaestus split open Lord Zeus's skill on suggestion of Hermes to relieve his headache. It was this nature of birth that Athena became the goddess of wisdom and intelligence. 

Goddess Saraswati sprang out from the mouth of Lord Brahma, dressed in white, carrying a book and a vina in her hands. So none of them was born the regular way, but from the heads of two prime gods of their respective religions. However, what separates them both is that being a goddess of war, Athena sometimes shown carrying weapons and her shield. On the other hand, Saraswati is shown carrying a book, Mala, Water Pot and Vina in her force hands. 
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6. Hades and Yamaraj

God hades and yam dev yamaraj hindu gods and Greek gods

In Greek mythology, Hades is the king of underworld, where the dead ones go, the god of death and the dead. While in Indian mythology, memorize the ruler of Naraka, a place comparable to the underworld and the God of death. Both Hades  and Yamaraj are said to bring judgment to the departed souls and accordingly sent them to their respective after life. Good souls are sent to Elysium and Swarg in Greek and Indian mythology respectively. One of the bad ones ever sent to tartarus and Naraka respectively. 

Hades is the master of Cerberus, a three headed dog who guards the entrance of Underworld while the gates of Yamaraj Naraka sre guarded by two insatiable dogs with four eyes and wide nostrils.Next interesting thing is that Hades is also called as Pluto, especially by the Romans, which is also the name of a planet. That planet Pluto is called Yama in Hindi. So even miles apart, both cultures named Planet after the similar gods are a little strange, isn't it? 
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7. Achilles and Bhishma 

Achilles and bhishma Pittmah mahabharat hindu gods and greek gods

Both of them were heroes in the biggest wars of their respective mythologies, Achilles in Trojan War and Bhishma in Mahabharata. Both of their mothers were river goddesses, while father were Kings River goddess Thetis and king Peleus of Achilles and River Ganga and King Shantanu of Bhishma.

Now, one of most interesting fact is that both of them have a boon that they will die when they want only, if they dont want to die then none of creature can kill them.

But guys here is one more similarity- they both died in their respective wars by their own.

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