Father of Taxonomy - Who is the father of taxonomy

What's Taxonomy - Father of Taxonomy

Carl linnaeus is known as the father of taxonomy. 

Father of taxonomy , Who is the father of taxonomy

About Carl Linnaeus 

1. Born on

He was born on 23 may 1707.

2. Died on

He died on 10 January 1778.

3. Nationality


4. Known for

Taxonomy [ known as the father of taxonomy ]

Binomial nomenclature 

Scientific classification 

5. Fields





Taxonomy is the study of principles and procedures of identification, nomenclature and classification.

Who is the father of taxonomy

Carl linnaeus is known as the father of taxonomy.

Carl linnaeus was born on Sweden. 

Carl linnaeus was a botanist, zoologist and physician.

Binomial nomenclature

Binomial nomenclature of scientific naming was first given by Carl linnaeus ( 1735 ) in his book 
Systema Naturae and later in Species Plantarum ( 1753 ).

He used two Latin words for any organism, the first being generic name and the second is species name.

The generic name begin with capital letter and the species name with small letter.


Systematics deals with the Classification of organisms based on their diversities and relationships among them.

This term was also proposed by Carl Linnaeus who wrote Systema Naturae.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Who is the father of taxonomy ?

Sir Carl linnaeus.

2. Who discovered scientific name ?

Carl linnaeus discovered scientific name.

3. Who wrote Systema Naturae ?

Carl linnaeus wrote Systema Naturae.

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