What's the difference between bluetooth and wifi

What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wifi ?

Nowadays almost everyone has mobile.  Some of us use bluetooth and wifi every day.  But do you know how bluetooth and wifi work, what are the differences between bluetooth and wifi, who is the fastest between bluetooth and wifi ? Today I am going to give you information about all of them.  So let's start.

Both Bluetooth and Wifi provide better communication that every internet user and mobile user knows.  These are both such devices through which we can also exchange large files in a very short time. 

These two systems are necessary for connecting the device in the digital world but there are many differences between these two such as bluetooth is mainly made for connecting without cables and Wi-Fi provides fast speed for internet as well.

There are manyother differences that I am telling you in this post, let's know what is bluetooth and wifi, how do they work, how to use them, what is the difference between bluetooth and wi-fi.

Bluetooth is in almost every device, it is a wireless technology standard that is used to exchange data (30 feet) at short distance, it is mostly used between mobile devices. Meaning bluetooth is a better device  for  exchanging  data from one device to another device which acts as a card between 2 devices.

Talking about Wi-Fi, it mostly works for setting up networks, transferring files and moved, which is also a wireless standard.  It connects wirelessly connected devices to corporate networks such as the Internet or Ethernet rather than through communication between devices.  The wifi range is more than bluetooth. Nowdays, WiFi-6 is the Fastest wifi ever in today's technology.

What is Bluetooth ? 

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used to transfer data between electronic devices.  If we talk about other wireless communication modes, then the distance of data transmission here is very less compared to them. 

This means that within a very short distance, data trasfer can be done in bluetooth.  Using this technology, users do not need any cords, cables, adapters and it gives them permission to communicate wirelessly. 

Its physical range is from 10m to 50m only.  This Bluetooth device can connect in as many as seven devices and its main usage is in industries like smartphones, personal computers, gaming consoles.

What is Wifi ? 

WiFi is a technology in which ISM helps in transferring data from electronic devices and connecting to the Internet using radio bands.  This technology comes under the local area network, which means that its range is limited to a low area.

WiFi helps computers and other devices communicate with the help of a wireless network.Through this technology, we are able to connect smartphones, tabs, desktops with wifi dongle and laptops to the Internet in a limited area.  In this way we do not need any internet broadband nor any internet connection with cable connectivity.

Differences between Bluetooth and Wifi :-

  • Bluetooth is mostly used to connect external devices to the computer, as well as computer keyboard, mouse and headset etc. can be connected to CPU using Bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi is more used to connect computers to routers and Internet gateways, besides many electronic devices like gaming consoles, cameras and PDAs to connect to each other or connect to the Internet.  Mostly Wi-Fi is used.
  • Bluetooth only uses wireless local location.
  • Talking about Wi-Fi, it only uses wireless details.
  • Bluetooth is easy to connect 2 devices over Bluetooth as it is easy to connect only one easy key.
  • The bandwidth required for Bluetooth is low, while it is high for Wi-Fi. 
  • For a connection via Bluetooth, we need a device with a Bluetooth adapter.
  • However, to use WiFi devices you need a wireless adapter and a router. 
  • Bluetooth is easy to use as a pairing device. 
  • WiFi technology is much more complex and requires configuration of hardware and software. 
  • Bluetooth's radio signal range is already 10 meters. However, it is 100 meters for Wi-Fi. 
  • The frequency at which Bluetooth devices communicate is 2.4 - 2.483 GHz. 
  • The frequency range of Wifi is 2.4 - 5 GHz.
  • The energy consumption of Bluetooth is low, while it is high for Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth is less secure than WIFI and uses encryption and verification keys.  However, Wifi has better security.  Wifi uses WEP (Wired Equivalence Privacy) and WPA (Wifi Protected Access).

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is the difference between Bluetooth and Wifi and I hope that you have understood what is the difference between Bluetooth and Wifi.  If you like this information, please share this post as much as possible.

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